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Want to feel better in your body, mind, spirit ... life?
Here at Actualize Your Health! my purpose and intention is to assist you in discovering, 
recovering, or intensifying your passion and joy for living.  It is infinitely easier to enjoy life, to consciously envision and be inspired to actualize your dreams when you are feeling really well, really vibrant and really vital.  Don’t you agree?  
From the deepest energetic and cellular levels of your being, these treatments use nature’s infinite intelligence to thoroughly relax and nourish the nervous system and activate your body’s self-healing ability. 
I sometimes describe the Core Synchronism process as healing from the inside-out.  If someone has a physical ailment, injury, constriction, or is experiencing degenerative disease, the trauma or original “insult” to one’s being associated with it is also presenting in the energetic aspect of that person.  
Addressing only the physical disorder is insufficient.  Core Synchronism is a deep balancing of physical, energetic and fluid mechanics that is profoundly relaxing. When harmony (synchronization) is established, pain diminishes or disappears and our true nature shines forth.  We can gain a profound glimpse or even a far-reaching vision/experience of our own possibilities. 
The compliments of flower essences and essential oils provide support to both catalyze and stabilize the treatments, while adding cellular nutrition to the mix vitalizes the physical body and enhances graceful transformation.
I welcome your questions and the opportunity to assist you in your healing (becoming whole) process.  I am humbled by the beauty and intricacy of the human spirit, as witnessed through the matrix of the Core Mother Template and, as an expression of Source Energy.
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An inspiring, funny, heartfelt talk ... well worth 20 minutes of your time ... the power of vulnerability in living a whole-hearted life.

Kerry is a powerful and gifted practitioner. Beyond her incredible knowledge of healing, her approach is gentle yet thorough - it's like she leaves no stone unturned. She creates a wonderful space to support you in relaxing and really moving through/releasing physical, emotional and spiritual blocks.

~ Jessica H., Massage & Core Synchronism Therapist, and Life Coach, Albuquerque, NM

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Rejuvenation, Restoration & Relaxation

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”                           Jedi Master Yoda,

Star Wars Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back